Art direction / Film / Concept / 2015


Kiwifruits marketer Zespri has launched a content initiative aimed at changing the perception of its flagship Green Kiwifruits. This is to counter its reputation for being sour which has proved to be one of the top purchase barriers globally.

The social campaign launched with a music video – featuring a trio of heavily tattooed tough guys who suddenly break into song and dance midway to elaborate the plight they share with kiwifruits. “Kiwis are a bit like me, you can’t tell much by what you see,” they bemoan. They depict a picture of misunderstood, sweet-natured tough guys who are more than meets the eye, if one would really get to know them.

A central website was also created to educate the viewer with bite-sized pieces of advice in the form of light-heard videos. It is also supported with print, radio, social media and on-ground sampling of ready-to-eat Zespri Green Kiwifruits.