Uncaging Asian music.

Music in Asia is dictated by western commercial music, traditional songs & pop idols. On the other hand, amazing talents from the streets of Asia struggle to get their voices heard. Instead of collaborating with a big name of the music industry, we created Tiger Jams, a platform that helps undiscovered artists stand out and connect them with their local audiences. 

“We need to make it overseas, so we can come back and make it here.”
Darren Ashley, Music Producer - Kuala Lumpur

Client: Tiger Beer
Integrated campaign

A 12 months project, 3 markets (Thaïland, Malaysia, Mongolia), 12 concerts, 6 music videos, over 5 million views. But more importantly, we brought bands from the shadows to the international stage. Instead of always turning their heads to the West or the East, we got people to listen to their own local talents.

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Run, baby run

A collaboration by MIRRR x Somkiat x Eyedropper Fill


Home to you

A collaboration by Rozella x Darren Ashley x Flex


Do it

A collaboration by Monkey Business (TH) x Polycat (TH) x Dudesweet (TH)



A collaboration by Donamarie x Tonick x Kenji Chai