Mobile app / Art direction / UX / Design / 2013 

The task was to develop a digital activation to amplify the campaign idea of "A richer life": rich by experiences.

The idea: Inspired by the vintage luggage labels used in the 1990s, we created new digital labels that allows you to bring and share your memories and experiences wherever you go.
Your travel experiences are like badges of honour you can share with the world, and take with you. Upload your trip photos and Tiger Air will generate a digital luggage label that you can physically print out or get at the airport counter. By scanning the QR code on your label, anyone can experience for themselves the amazing things you’ve seen and the richer life you’ve lived. 





After scanning your luggage label, people are able to see your journey through a simple photo album. They can also comment and see what other people have commented about each part of your journey.

People can also see the path you have take on your journey and easily find the locations of the places you've visited.

Every picture will be linked to an article concerning the site you’ve visited with tourist informations, recommendations and links to google maps.


The interface features 3 layers of information on one page, allowing people to access informations about places they want to visit easily.